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Coming Soon to an Earlobe Near You...

These are a complete departure from what I usually create. I wanted something sleek and leafy and ended up with these. I made almost every bit of these from the earwires, to the leaf drops to the bead wraps. I've been planning entire outfits around them for a week! :)

See Sly Magpie for more info, or contact me at slymagpie@yahoo.com


Katie's Wedding Jewelry

I hate it when I'm in a wedding and have spent hundreds of dollars on things like plane tickets, a boring one-time-use dress, and gifts for 3 showers only to get something the bride found on clearance at Target as a bridesmaid gift. Nice, Margaret. Ungrateful much? Ah well. I've been in a lot of weddings. (and have made away with some gifts that I totally loved...thanks Debbie!)

A fabulous friend of mine has commissioned me to make her ladies jewelry for the wedding that they won't want to throw away a couple of hours into the reception (after all of that wine and sugar gets the best of them). So, here we are. There will be necklaces to match. These are made of sterling silver, Jet Black glass beads and Swarovski Crystals. The headpins and earwires were all made by hand.

These will sell for $30 in my Etsy shop in the near future. If you don't see them quite, yet, contact me at slymagpie@yahoo.com. Color is fully customizable.

Cheers! :)


What's Hot at Sly Magpie Jewelry?

He Loves Me Ring

  • Custom Size
  • Carnelian Petals
  • Turquoise Center
  • Due to the nature of the semi-precious gemstone petals, each ring is unique
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New Trick for Soothing a Little Screamer

It's been a while since I've tried to save the general public from what was known in our house as "grump'o'clock." For us, it was basically the first six months of our son's life. He cried. He cried a lot. It wasn't colic, he was perfectly fine. He was just very errrr...expressive.

Some nights the only thing that would save our eardrums was putting him in his bouncer and turning on the hairdryer. We would take turns sitting with him in the bathroom in the dark until he would settle down. He's almost two now and is the sweetest funniest most vivacious kid I know. So, if you're still wading through the sleeplessness, the headaches and frustration, it will get better. You really will look back and laugh. Uncomfortably, for a while, but nonetheless, you'll laugh.

If I had found this website, I may not have burned out two hairdryers. Baby-to-Sleep.com is so clever it actually made me laugh out loud! It's a site that is nothing but the sounds of rain and thunder with both a pause and a play button. Sound silly? Trust me, when your time comes, you'll call it genius. And baby will call it...well, nothing. Because he'll be asleep.


Looking For More Sparkle?

I'm a big fan of Capitola Girl, Susan's blog. Not only is she a talented artist herself, but she makes a point to find and feature other independent jewelry designers. Check it out on Saturdays for her special feature aptly titled, "Saturday Sparkle." Every week, you'll find a brand new artist and fresh jewelry designs.

Check out her blog here!

Check out Susan's own work:


The Beautiful Work of My First Student!

I just had to share the amazing job my first Helping Handmade student did on her first project! The smaller pair were made with my instruction, and the sparkling blue pair was her first venture on her own! I'd like to think it was all in her fabulous lesson, but I think Carolyn clearly has a talent all her own!

I'll bet you do, too! Sign up for my class at Helping Handmade. You can learn something new and part of your tuition will be donated to an environmental charity! Read more about that here.